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wind. Oh! The sauce is

There are many wonderful encounters in life. These meet the warmth of your heart, making it hard to forget. ����Inscription After school, I always like to walk down and never look up. The accident happened to make me meet you. Bowing down Parliament Cigarettes, bending over just to pick up the falling thing, but meet you at the moment you look up. I saw that you didn't have the shackles of the morning, and you can only see a silhouette when you look at the maximum; there is no red heat at noon Newport Cigarettes, and your eyes are minimized and sullen; at this moment you are gentle, clear, eyes You can see a complete one just as you normally would. The whole sky seems to have changed in color, with purple sauce, golden color, and bloody red white clouds in your shadow, constantly changing, constantly changing colors, as if only to make you more perfect. In a few moments, the white clouds turn into green leaves only to set off your beauty; for a while, the white clouds become turbulent waves only to set off your calm; for a while, the white clouds become a layer of tulle to cover you Online Cigarettes, and the tulle reflects your beauty. Qian Ying; for a while, the white clouds become a lamp, just to reflect your brightness... The blue sky seems to be a silk cloth, you become a dye, turning it into a beautiful silk cloth. Oh! Blood red, it is a hot summer day. Oh! Golden yellow, that is the fall of the golden wind. Oh! The sauce is purple, it is a beautiful starry sky. Oh! Orange, that is a fruitful fruit. Oh! Plum red, it is the winter ice proud to meet you, my blessing; only complained that I could not meet you earlier
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